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Cannot find the help you need? Contact the helpline 00800 022 021 20 or go to

Free calls from Switzerland and neighboring France, Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, closed on Sundays and public holidays

  • Your credit card may be declined for one of the following reasons:

    - your card has expired.
    - you may have reached the limit of your card's available amount.
    - some of the data you entered is incorrect (card number, expiry date, three-digit security code)

  • Yes.

    You can also register without a customer number; however, the tpg Webshop’s features will be limited.
    We recommend that you create your Webshop account and link your tpg account to your SwissPass card in order to take advantage of everything that the tpg Webshop offers.

  • Yes.

    The data is transmitted in encrypted form, and no bank data is stored.
    The computer servers are located in Switzerland and use the highest security standards in terms of data protection.

  • The accepted methods of payment are: Visa, MasterCard, PostFinance Card, Maestro international, American Express, PayPal.

    The amount of your order will be automatically debited from the corresponding account.
    All transactions are secure.

    On the payment page, you can select the payment method and can save this data on the secure Swiss servers of SIX Payement Services Ltd. If necessary, you can also validate your information via 3D-Secure.

    No banking data is kept on tpg’s servers.

  • Yes.

    If you have already created an active account on, you can use the same account data to log in to the tpg Webshop without having to create a new account.

  • Once you have made your purchase and validated your payment, your unireso travel pass will immediately be activated on the chosen start date.

    You will receive a confirmation of your purchase by e-mail (sales receipt in PDF format).
    The sales receipt will be available for download on your personal Webshop space under the heading "Purchase History".

  • You can display the contents of the shopping cart by clicking on the “shopping cart” icon at any time.

    If you have a travel pass in the shopping cart, you can either check or edit the product or order and proceed to the secure payment step.

  • Here are the various regulations and laws governing the use of the tpg Webshop:

    - DRT-tpg: Regulatory Provisions for Passenger Transport
    - T600.5 - Travellers without a valid ticket/Misuse, falsification.
    - T 651.11 - Unireso tariff community tariff
    - LOST - Federal Act on the Safety Corps of Public Transport Companies.
    - LTV - Federal Passenger Transport Act

  • The customer number is a ten-digit number. It is unique and specific to every holder of a tpg travel pass.

    This number is written on your basic card and your annual/monthly tpg travel pass. It is used for personal identification in the tpg client database.

    The card number corresponds to the number of your SwissPass card. It changes when you receive a new SwissPass.

  • The tpg Webshop is your personal space to buy your annual and monthly travel passes for zones in Geneva and the surrounding areas.

    If you have a SwissPass card, you can buy unireso “All Geneva” and “Region” travel passes on the tpg Webshop.

    Bringing your card with you will make it easier to register on the tpg Webshop, as having your customer number will speed up the account creation process.

  • Yes.

    We are available from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the support number 00800 022 021 20 (free calls from Switzerland and France).
    You can also contact us in writing on our customer page by clicking on this link:


  • If you are identified as a "Head of household", you can order travel passes for other members of your family on the Webshop by selecting the recipient.

    To declare yourself as "Head of household" and gain access to family discounts, please go to a tpg agency with the necessary proof to take advantage of all the perks reserved for families.

  • Your SwissPass card should be delivered 5 to 10 days after order confirmation.

  • When you order a SwissPass card for the first time, it will only be physically created and sent to your home address if you have submitted a valid photo at the agency.

    While waiting for the SwissPass card to be created and delivered, you can print out a temporary card valid for 14 days so that you can travel by public transport in the areas covered by the season pass you ordered on the Webshop.

    Presenting this temporary SwissPass card during an on-board check shows the ticket inspector that you have ordered a valid season travel pass, saving you from any hassle.

  • Like a wallet holding your bank cards, the SwissPass is a wallet holding all your seasonal tickets and transport passes acquired and valid in Switzerland.

    You can find out more information by clicking on this : 

  • Go to the tpg agency of your choice to order a new card.
    Replacement due to loss, change of name or any damages caused by you costs CHF 30.
    For any technical defects, your card will be replaced free of charge.

  • Contact us free of charge by telephone at 00800 022 021 20. Our customer service agents are available from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., except on public holidays.
    They will take the necessary steps to help you get your card as soon as possible and continue to travel without any problems.
    If you like, you can ask to be called back by one of our agents on the same day. To access this option, go to the customer service page of our website and click on the contact button in the top right corner.

  • You have 72 hours to carry out this operation; after this time, the link becomes inoperative.
    For any new requests, please contact us free of charge by telephone at 00800 022 021 20.
    Our customer service agents are available from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., except on public holidays.

  • Your personal data and transport services are not stored on your SwissPass but on a remote database.
    Only a Media ID number is stored on your card, which lets screening agents view your travel passes when instantly querying your account via a secure remote connection.

    For any questions regarding your personal data, a form is available for download on our website under the heading "Other Documents".

  • Uploaded photos must meet several acceptance criteria (sharpness, format and size of the photo file in bytes). If these criteria are not met, the system will refuse your photo and ask for another one.

    You will find all relevant information at

  • Data protection is very important to us, and personal data is treated as strictly confidential.

    Certain personal data is collected online expressly when Internet customers register in order to access certain tpg services, in particular customer service.

    Registration gives tpg the opportunity to collect information such as first names, surnames, postal addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone, mobile and fax numbers.

    tpg reserves the right to save the data of any person who sends an e-mail (electronic mail) to a tpg employee or to the person responsible for the website, in particular in order to send replies or to inform said person of the follow-up on his/her request.

  • When creating your account in our Webshop, we will search for your contact details (personal data) in our tpg customer database.

    You provided us with this data during your visit to a tpg agency when you purchased your very first travel pass (annual, monthly, weekly).

    Once you have filled in your customer or SwissPass number, this data will appear on the screen. This is known as using existing data, which means that you do not have to fill in all the required fields again.

  • You can contact tpg customer service for any questions or requests for information regarding the processing of your personal data.

    The person responsible for processing your data (the data controller) is the company Transports Publics Genevois (tpg, CHE-108.954.323), whose head office is located at route de la Chapelle 1, 1212 Grand-Lancy 1.

    For any complaints, please contact the Data Protection Delegate of the tpg (, or the Geneva Cantonal Commissioner for Data Protection and Transparency.

  • By choosing to receive information, you agree that your personal data listed above may be stored with us to develop our business relationship. You may decide at any time to stop receiving information from us. Your e-mail address will then be retained for 3 years as part of our pre-existing business relationship for the sole purpose of ensuring that your opposition to such processing is respected, unless you request that it be completely deleted.

  • Your data will only be passed on to third parties for purposes that you have freely and explicitly consented to.

    If you’d like to stay informed, we then pass on your data to two trusted companies that are contractually required to protect your personal data according to state-of-the-art security measures:

    • La société SQLi Suisse SA, Avenue William-Fraisse 3, 1006 Lausanne, in charge of maintaining communication ;
    • La société Oracle Software (Schweiz) GmbH, Täfernstrasse 4, 5405 Baden, which designs communication services and hosts your data in Amsterdam (NL).
    tpg ensures that your personal data will not be transferred outside Switzerland, the European Union or under legislation that has not been subject to an adequacy decision by the Federal Data Protection and Transparency Commissioner, as well as by the European Commission.

  • At any time, you can control the way we use your data on, either by changing your communication preferences, making sure they’re accurate or asking that they be deleted. You can also contact us at any time to change any outdated or inaccurate data by using the appropriate form and sending it to tpg customer service via the link below:

  • This data lets us keep you informed about our current and future services, as well as our promotions, competitions, cultural events and information about our company. To help us adapt our service to your needs, please indicate precisely the categories of information you wish to receive from us.

    In addition, your Internet address (IP address) can help us resolve any technical problems you may encounter while using our services.

  • With your approval, at webshop.tpg.ch1 we collect your first name, last name and e-mail address. We also receive your Internet address (IP address) when you visit However, we do not collect any other technical information, e.g. via cookies.

    1 The data that you may have otherwise entrusted to us in connection with a travel pass or any other tpg service, as well as data collected by tpg in any other way in accordance with applicable law, is subject to different processing and retention periods. Please refer to the service in question for more information.

  • Your personal data is anything that helps us get to know you better, keep you updated, give you advice and even surprise you for your birthday! This data helps us, above all, improve your experience on our transport system. Protecting your data is our priority.

  • The tpg Webshop rates are strictly the same as at the agency. There are no extra charges or any additional or hidden costs when you order your travel pass on the Webshop.

    You can find the complete price list on our website

  • The tariff zones correspond to the zones where you are travelling.

    You can select your tariff zones and estimate the amount of your travel pass on the site

    On the tpg Webshop, when you choose a travel pass category (annual or monthly), you will be able to refine your search to find the product that best suits you in the following pages.

    You will be able to select the price zones required for your travel pass. Please note that the travel pass verification page lets you change your zone selection if necessary.

    For any problems or questions, please contact our customer service.


  • The "CONTACT INFORMATION" menu lets you consult your personal data in your customer file.



    Some data cannot be modified for reasons of confidentiality and security.

    For any modifications, please contact our customer service at 00800 022 021 20 from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Free calls from Switzerland and France).

  • The "Payment Methods" menu lets you add your payment cards and manage them for future purchases.




    On your first visit, no card will be registered. You can then add one:



    After your first purchase, you will be able to manage, add or remove cards:




    To delete a card, click on "DELETE".


  • The "Purchase History" menu lets you monitor your travel passes.



    On your first visit, the purchase history will be empty.

    Once your purchases have been made, you can retrieve the last 6 months of tickets purchased for you and your family.


    After selecting a travel pass by clicking on ">", you will get the details of the selected travel pass:



  • The "Settings" menu lets you view and manage certain technical aspects of your Webshop and SwissPass account:



    - your password (change password):



    - view linked accounts (SwissPass account and tpg account):



    - consult the number of links to your account (particularly useful for managing family travel passes):



    - The Webshop section lets you return directly to the shop.

    - The Logout section lets you safely log out of the system

  • In the menu "MY TRAVEL PASSES", located on the left panel, you can manage your valid travel passes.





    You will find two headings:


    • your valid travel passes:




    • your expired travel passes:


    In the above example, you are provided with the following information:


    • Duration of travel pass: annual or monthly
    • Validity date: from ... to ... (e.g. from 02.11.2016 to 01.11.2017)
    • Class: 1st or 2nd
    • Category: adult, junior, senior, AI, family, etc....
    • Validity zone: 10 (all Geneva) or 10+ regional code depending on the travel pass region (e.g. : 10+22)
    • The NOVA reference: internal code allowing you to find your travel pass type in our Swisspass database
    • The price (top right)





    In addition to the consultation, if you no longer use your travel pass (within the conditions of sale), you can request a refund by clicking on "Refund". You will be guided step-by-step through this process.






    By selecting "REFUND", a new window will redirect you to the claim form that you will need to print and fill out, following the instructions provided.




  • Like a wallet, the SwissPass card holds all your public transport season passes.

    In the "SwissPass Card" menu you will find all valid SwissPass cards and those you have ordered.


    You will find two headings :
    - Your ordered and valid cards

    When creating your Webshop account, you should already have your SwissPass card (acquired at a tpg agency) or a temporary card issued by one of our sales agents.

    We gave you a temporary card when you went to the branch to order your permanent SwissPass card (in red plastic).

    You can view the status of your SwissPass by clicking on "Order card".




    You will be asked to submit a photo online if you did not have a photo when you visited the agency. You can print your temporary card at home if you have misplaced your original.





    Once your card and those of your family members have been saved in our computer system, you will be able to view and manage your card(s) on a screen like this:




    Inside each of these cards are the travel passes you have purchased.

    For example, take the following family of 4 people:

    SwissPass #1: Annual Adult Travel Pass for Mr

    SwissPass # 2: Annual Adult Travel Pass for Ms

    SwissPass #3: Monthly Family Travel Pass for a 28-year-old son

    SwissPass #4: Junior Monthly Family Travel Pass for an 18-year-old daughter


    Please note that in case of loss or theft, you have the possibility to remotely block the card in question thanks to the "Block" option displayed on each card zone.

  • You must enter the same e-mail address as the one saved to your tpg customer account (the e-mail address you provided when you first visited the tpg agency).

    If you’ve forgotten your email address, please contact our customer service, who will provide you with all the necessary assistance.